Q: How do I order LPG?
A: Please contact the office or order online.

Q: Can a 45kg LPG gas cylinder be used inside a home?
A: NO. 45kg gas cylinders should never be used or stored inside a home.

Q: How many litres in a 45kg gas cylinder?
A: 88.2 litres

Q: How is my home LP gas delivered?
A: Adgas has several local delivery drivers that will deliver you gas cylinder in a truck.

Q: What day is gas delivered in my residential area?
A: Please see delivery guide

Q: What should we do if we are moving?
A: Please contact the office at your earliest convenience. We can transfer the account to your new residential address or make note of the new owner’s details.  It is best to close your account once you have moved from the premises to avoid any confusion and in-accurate charges for cylinders or rental.

Q: What to do if i suspect as gas leak?
A: Please refer to our LPG Safety page for tips.

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