LP Gas Safety

LP Gas Safety

Take care and use gas safely! LP Gas is a convenient and well known energy source, enjoyed in many homes around the world.  If these helpful Safety tips don’t answer your question please contact the office and we will assist with any other queries you may have .

Servicing gas appliances

We would recommend servicing your gas appliances every 1-2 years.
It’s important to service all your gas equipment for the following reasons:
• Pro-long the life of the appliance
• To ensure safe & efficient working order
• Establish any faults early on to be covered under warranty

If you live in the Adelaide Hills or Fleurieu we would suggest partner Adelaide Hills Gas- www.adelaidehillsgas.com.au

Gas leaks and emergencies

If you suspect you have an LPG leak, turn off your appliances and gas cylinders and
call us straight away on 08 8349 6522

Until the emergency service technician arrives, make sure you:

  • Open any windows and doors
  • Turn the Gas Cylinder/s OFF if safe to do so
  • Don’t Smoke
  • Don’t light a match, lighter, or any other source of open flame
  • Don’t use any electrical appliance or the phone and don’t switch on any lights.

Adgas LPG Safety

Detecting a gas leak

LPG is an odourless and colourless gas. An odourant is added to make it easier to detect leaks – so when you “smell gas”, you are actually smelling that added odour.

If you can smell gas, check the following:

  • Whether any pilot lights on your appliances have gone out
  • If any burners on your stove are accidentally turned on
  • Connections to your gas cylinder, gas appliances and equipment
  • Your gas cylinder might be close to empty

In case of emergency

  • In life threatening situations, call 000 (fire/ambulance/police)
  • For any gas emergencies please don’t hesitate to call us on 08 83496522

LPG Safety

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